The End Of The Line

The End Of The Line

A beautiful Spring afternoon in San Francisco. A California Street Cable Car approaches the terminal at Drumm Street to switch directions and begin the return trip toward Van Ness.

Haunted House

Looks like a haunted house, right? A set from a horror movie? Alfred Hitchcock’s home? I don’t know, I just like how this picture looks kind of sinister in black and white with shadows flowing away from the lantern. For what it’s worth, it’s...

I was quoted in the Examiner this morning…

I was quoted in the Examiner this morning. What they didn’t include in the article is that the street artists work together with the city to assist every event at Justin Herman Plaza throughout the year and would have gladly worked together with this event as...

The Sign Said SF

I really like how a picture of just one part of a sign changes the meaning or makes the image more artistic or interesting. In this case the sign includes added texture from spray paint and graffiti paint. Do you know what this sign is advertising?

This Ferry Boat is Really Moving

This picture is on the last ferry boat of the evening. A bunch of teenagers are downstairs on the first deck making noise and yelling at each other. We’re up here where it’s quiet on the top deck.