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Welcome! Shop for Handmade Jewelry made in San Francisco. Order Online – Fast Shipping! Powered by Etsy for secure shopping. [Symbol and Art Jewelry] [Map Jewelry]

Symbol and Art Necklaces

Available with stunning stainless steel chains and versatile black cords. Multiple colors available for each design. [Symbol and Art Necklaces: See All]


Handmade earrings — a matching necklace is available for each earring design.

Symbol and Art Keychains

Great accessories — keychains with stainless steel links and key rings. Chose design and color. [Symbol and Art Keychains: See All]

City Iconic Map Jewelry

Custom map pendants: San Francisco Neighborhoods, Anywhere in SF, Any BART Station in the Bay Area, Many More. [Map Jewelry: See All]

Jewelry: Necklaces, Earrings and Keychains
Designer and Artist: Jeremy Randall
Location: San Francisco, California