Jeremy Randall Handmade Jewelry Design

Jeremy Randall is a designer and vendor based in San Francisco, California.

Jeremy Randall Jewelry Design

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Jeremy Randall is well known for selling fused enamel™ handmade jewelry designs at a sidewalk Pop Up Shop on Market Street in San Francisco and online at Embarcadero Fair.

His grandfather was an artist who taught him how to draw, paint and work with color. In his creative career he started out making large wall art and mixed media sculpture pieces. Jeremy moved into handmade jewelry art and started selling on the streets of San Francisco. He has sold handmade jewelry pieces to thousands of happy customers and looks forward to sharing his unique jewelry designs with you and your family.

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Jeremy’s inspiration comes from texture and color in nature and in the city. Living in San Francisco he experiences art and design from all angles. Each day Jeremy takes the creativity that’s all around him and translate it into handmade jewelry for women, men and kids.

Jeremy Randall handmade jewelry designs are available for purchase online at Embarcadero Fair. Thanks for visiting.

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